Advertisement Policy

Virajit News accepts advertising from various companies and organizations on our website. Our advertising policy is designed to ensure that all advertisements are consistent with our mission and values, and that they do not compromise the integrity or credibility of our editorial content.


Types of advertising:


– Banner advertisements: These are graphical or image-based advertisements that appear on our website.

– Sponsored content: This is content that is created or commissioned by an advertiser and is identified as sponsored content.

– Native advertising: This is advertising that is designed to look like editorial content and is identified as sponsored or paid content.


Guidelines for advertising:


– All advertising must be legal, decent, honest, and truthful, and must comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

– Advertising must not be misleading, deceptive, or offensive.

– We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we deem inappropriate or incompatible with our mission and values.

– Sponsored content and native advertising must be clearly labeled as such, and must not be presented as editorial content.

– We do not endorse any products or services advertised on our website, nor do we accept responsibility for any claims made by advertisers.

– We reserve the right to place advertisements in locations on our website that we deem appropriate.




We strive to be transparent about our advertising practices, and to provide our readers with information about the sources of our funding. We clearly label all sponsored content and native advertising, and we provide information about our advertising policies and practices on our website.


Changes to this Advertising Policy:


We may update this Advertising Policy from time to time. We encourage you to review this Advertising Policy periodically for any changes.


Contact us:


If you have any questions or concerns about this Advertising Policy, please contact us at

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